[pct-l] hiker-thief steals ice axe and crampons

Paint Your Wagon Hikes n801yz at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 15 20:37:31 CDT 2014

BOLO: Hiker thief stole ice axe and crampons from storage lock box at Tom's Place in Kennedy Meadows south.
FORWARD: Prime suspect first took Tom's personal Bearikade bear vault from a locked storage box (refrigerator) after asking Tom, (at kickoff) if he could borrow a BV 500    bear vault. Prime suspect beat Tom back to his property, located a key and opened a refrigerator that was converted to secure storage, where Tom stored his personal bear vaults, and where Tom also kept hiker packages and their personal gear.I stored a Black Diamond ice axe and brand new Camp crampons in the storage box back in 2013, when I headed north into the sierras to hike the PCT. I asked for the equipment back this year during my stopover, only to discover they had both been stolen.The ice axe had a dull gray handle and the crampons were silver with red straps, stored inside their own black carry bag with Camp printed in white letters on the outside. The crampons have a size extender to accommodate my size #15 boots. This thieving sh!t needs to stop and any hiker stealing from another needs to be caught and outed to the community.My personal ideas on what should happen shall remain undisclosed due to their nature, but please use your imagination. I will prosecute this theft if at all possible. Tom knows this person's name. SCUMBAG is his trail name hence forth. DEAD MEAT ain't bad though. His (prime suspect's) mother called Tom looking for him (prime suspect.) She had instituted a SAR mission in order to find her son (prime suspect,) however, he (prime suspect) was not lost but incarcerated in the Bishop jail, due to being arrested for disorderly  conduct and public intoxication. He (prime suspect) was spotted in a photograph posted on Facebook wherein he (prime suspect) was carrying Tom's Bearikade, and only because of this, Tom was able to        retrieve his bear vault.I would appreciate if someone would repost this BOLO on Facebook.The prime suspect is likely close to completing the PCT, (if not finished already) seeing how he (prime suspect) was at mile 702 in late April.I would have appreciated learning about this theft long before I reached Kennedy Meadows, but that isn't the way it turned out. As an fyi: Tom did give me an ice axe that was left behind at his place as a replacement.Thank you, Paint      		 	   		  

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