[pct-l] Bear Canisters: Good for Bear, not for Hungry Hiker?

-Mountain Goat- themtgoat at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 16 19:42:15 CDT 2014

When I thru hiked in 2005, durning the 150% snow year, I had 8 days of food in the can, and 4 days of food outside, for a total of 12 days.  yes, I did the no -resupply till VVR.

The trick is to use high calorie foods. In my case, I used dried fruit, and nuts and the normal dinners. 
Although i probably virtually ate everything I had in 12 days, 1 of which was a zero, it all worked out.

If your more worried about loosing weight, you could go out at Kersage Pass.

p.s. I redid a simular section from trail pass to Yosemity (200 miles instead of the normal 170 miles), in 10 days in 2012, without issue as well. Actually had about 1 day off food left, but that wasn't like a thru hiker, since I hadn't been hiking for 35 days before the sierra.

I guess my point is, it can be done, and the first several days, the food doesn't have to be in the can, until you reach Sequa Nation Park. You just need dense food.

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