[pct-l] Hiking the PCT "MY" way...the JMT Reinhold way

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Sat Aug 16 04:44:32 CDT 2014

You have absolutely no idea what most supported is all about.
If you really want to "thru" the PCT  the most supported way, you do it
"MY  WAY"..."The JMT Reinhold - Cleopatra Way". On a float, carried by
half a dozen float carriers, with fan girls on each side to keep me cool
and keep the fly and mosquito away and trumpet blowers blowing
trumpets to alert the common hiker trash of my presence so they can
step aside and bow as my float moves on down the trail.
Of course I will be consuming huge quantities of food, drinking the
best wine and munching grapes as my caravan of floats moves on down
the trail.
If you bow as my float goes by I will toss you some grapes, if not
I will leave you coughing in the dust.
Of course I will have a Roman Bath twice a day and lovely ladies
will rub fragrant lotions on my body...I find that foul sweaty odor
of the hiker trash offensive.
Yes,....I just love roughing it in the wilderness!!!

JMT Reinhold
Your hard to the core trail companion

Switchback wrote:
As the world record holder for the most supported PCT-JMT hiker I
can say I do not know what this thread is all about.
I never had any problem with delicious food and drinks on the trail...

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