[pct-l] Best 400 Mile Section for a Beginner

Brian Watt bwatt at 1fifoto.com
Wed Dec 3 22:06:40 CST 2014


As a thru-hiker I started Oregon (mile 1698.9) on July 18th and arrived at Cascade Locks (mile 2155) on August 9th so Oregon is quite doable in your time frame. With a head net and tent net I had a few days where I needed my nets, but for the most part I didn't and I especially hate mosquitoes. The only thing about that section is the first 200 miles of Oregon is quite forested and I missed having great vistas. Then from Sisters Oregon north it was great again. If I had my choice I would start in Sisters and hike through Washington's Goat Rocks and get off at White Pass. When I was hiking I left Sisters (mile 1989.5) on August 1st and got to White Pass (mile 2303) on August 18th. Again this is quite doable if not a bit shorter, but Goat Rocks is spectacular especially the Knife Edge (See: http://www.1fifoto.com/hiking/?p=1079).


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