[pct-l] "WIld" with Reese Witherspoon by Chery Strayed

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This diatribe on semantics is a lot like HYOH. Call it what you will - Sierra, Sierras, Sierra Nevada, The Range of Light, big-a$$ mountains full of PUDs - but just enjoy it for what it is and for how it makes you feel as you wander through it.

Or stay home and watch TV or whatever else you like to do.

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> I've seen it used both ways.  The Sierra Nevada is a mountain range, 
> singular.

You can fight over the word if you want.

Sierra is Spanish, and it can mean "saw" or Mountain range (the other word for mountain range is cordillera)

Anglicizing the usage of words doesn't seem like that big a sin to me, but neither does confusing "there, they're and their"
but my Grammarian friends have fit. Communication is the the primary thing to me,

pero ¿qué se yo?

Can't we all just get along?

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