[pct-l] cowboy camping and dew on a sleeping bag

Sean Nordeen sean.nordeen at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 00:34:40 CST 2014

I cowboy camped all but 9 times on the entire trail.  I love hiking but
hate camp chores.  So I will do anything I can to not have to set a shelter
up at night.  Its very fast to setup and take down your camp when you don't
have to worry about your tent.  However, my shelter system is built around
the idea that I will cowboy camp unless it's raining.  For years, I've been
using a lightweight bivy and small tarp and would still do so on the PCT.

I only had 2 nights where dew was an issue and it's not like I was cold
even though my sleeping bag was covered in moisture.  Having a bivy sack
really helped though.   Once happened in the grass fields just before
Warner Springs (avoid camping in meadow areas and you'll be fine, doing so
also avoids field mice) and the other time was camping right next to a
creek (15ft away) at the Cooper Canyon trail camp in the San Gabriels, the
2nd night after Wrightwood (not exactly smart either).

If you are talking about wind in SoCal, I agree that Cowboy camping can
work better then setting up the tent.  I've seen the wind bad enough that
people were taking their tents down because they were worried that the tent
supports would break and all the fabric flapping loudly in the wind was
keeping them awake.  Find some shelter from the wind in the brush or rocks
(easier without your tent), turn you back to any remaining wind and you'll
sleep fine.  At least I did.


>*   Any opinions about cowboy camping and dew on sleeping bag? Have a tent, but plan to cowboy camp when windy.*

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