[pct-l] 2011 Thru-hiker Photo Essay from the Sierras (Big Snow Year)

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While it looks pretty solid, I don't think I'll be bringing my horses over 
the pass with this much snow.
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> Hi Sam!
> I followed your link and enjoyed the story and pictures which reminded me 
> of my hike.  Check out this photo of Mather Pass from the Funk Brothers 
> 1975 hike: http://www.trailjournals.com/photos.cfm?id=210716 which was 
> taken at almost the exact same place as your photo.  As you can see in the 
> graph you have of snow depths over the years at Mammoth Mountain, 1974-5 
> was nothing compared to 2011.  They were there 3 weeks before yet the 
> pictures are almost exactly the same.  I was a few days behind them and 
> probably followed their tracks over the pass.  Back then, all of us who 
> made it through had snowshoes or skis, though we only used them part of 
> the day after the snow softened.  I'm curious as to when you left the snow 
> behind for good.  I'll bet people (residents, not hikers) are hoping for 
> another year like 2011!
> Alan
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