[pct-l] Planning a Section Hike - Ziggy & The Bear to I-5

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I left Idyllwild April 8 on my MYTH.('07)  Great hike plenty of water     8-10 days later I got snowed out just past Little Jimmy.  Hitched out on a snow plow.  Laid off the trail for 3 days then went back to completely clear trail into Donna's.  Just check the snow levels. I think you should be fine. But I don't understand I-5 do you mean the 15 or do you mean I-5 at Castella. That means going through the Sierra very early.  If we have an early melt could be OK

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> On Dec 18, 2014, at 3:03 PM, Tim Gustafson <tjg at tgustafson.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm planning my 2015 section hike, and I intend to do the section from
> Ziggy and the Bear's to I-5.
> I'd like to avoid the herd this year, so I was thinking I'd go earlier
> than usual.  I did a little weather research and the averages for Big
> Bear for April 12 - April 25 seem to be reasonable - the overnights
> are a bit low, but I have a 10 degree bag:
> http://www.wunderground.com/history/airport/KL35/2015/04/12/PlannerHistory.html?dayend=25&monthend=4&yearend=2014&req_city=Big+Bear+City&req_state=CA&req_statename=California
> Also, looking at the NOAA National Snow Analysis page shows that there
> isn't a lot of snow cover in the area that time of year (although
> their map resolution is kinda low, so maybe there just isn't enough
> resolution to see):
> http://www.nohrsc.noaa.gov/nsa/index.html?region=Western_Coastal&year=2013&month=4&day=12&units=e
> My questions are as follows:
> 1. Is this crazy talk, or might this be a good idea?
> 2. I'm thinking, if this isn't crazy talk, that water might be more
> abundant at this earlier time of year, actually making the hike
> through this section somewhat easier.  Is that sound reasoning, or
> utter nonsense?
> 3. Does anyone know what the snow cover along the trail in the Big
> Bear area might be like that early in the season?  I know San Jacinto
> would probably have significant snow at that time, but I was wondering
> if Big Bear somehow had a different weather pattern or likelihood of
> snow?  NOAA says that there won't be much snow at that time of year,
> but I was wondering if anyone had some personal experience they might
> like to offer?
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> Tim Gustafson
> tjg at tgustafson.com
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