[pct-l] Rude and offensive

nosirreeb nosirreeb at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 19 16:01:25 CST 2014

>JoAnn jomike at cot.net 
>Fri Dec 19 14:56:31 CST 2014

>I have been on this List for close to 25 years. I too use to complain about this man, his mouth >and lack of intelligent but the key issues is, Brick allows it. Brick is the only one who can >control this and he doesn’t. He supports this poor excuse for a human being and always has. >Brick is the problem.

This list used to be THE place to learn about hiking/riding the PCT with virtually 100% of the PCT related web traffic. Now the Facebook PCT groups get way more traffic because, at least in part, the lack of effective moderation on this list turns off so many people and demonstrates an unwillingness to change with the times. There are quite a few knowledgeable, experienced, helpful people on FB who used to post here but no longer do so.

The PCT-L is quickly becoming irrelevant ... if it isn't already.

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