[pct-l] Want To Express My Gratitude For A FANTASTIC Trip

Martin Kaminer martin.kaminer at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 15:44:34 CST 2014

Hi All --

Just completed my debut PCT experience, a solo winter sojourn along
California Section A from Campo to Warren Springs.  I had a BLAST, didn't
see a soul most days, and wish I could have just kept going.

I'm grateful to the folks on this list for their advice (it was a post from
the archives that convinced me this was the right hike at the right time)
and in particular to my two angel 'handlers', Betty Wheeler and Monty Tam,
who went so far out of their way so utterly selflessly that it has more
than restored my faith in humanity.  They are both inspiring exceptional
people whom I feel privileged to have met.

I'm ccing John Roan because his April 2010 trip report was my underlying
itinerary. He did all the research and legwork and I basically said that's
good enough for me.

I'm from the northeast and don't really see how y'all do this at any time
of year _other_ than December as I wouldn't have wanted it to be any warmer
than it was (except for the night it was well below freezing).  Might have
liked to have been prepared at least psychologically for the howling winds
on other nights, though I'm not sure what I would or could have done

In any case I had an exciting and memorable time from start to finish,
greatly enjoyed every second, and want to say THANKS to everyone whose
experiences and wisdom saved me from adversity.  Very much looking forward
to next time.


Martin Kaminer

Before: http://goo.gl/TDkta0
During: http://goo.gl/fi6zMW
After: http://goo.gl/FDy5f5

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