[pct-l] Shoe size and blisters

-Mountain Goat- themtgoat at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 11 22:39:01 CST 2014


In my experience, with my feet, and other people that I led (standard) backpacks on is,
trail hardening your feet is the best way to avoid blisters on your hike.

If you can take several hikes before you hit the trail, it will save you much grief.
Yes, if you have the wrong shoes (and should I add boots too), you will pay in pain, 
and  I had one such unlucky fellow with us one year. But most of the time its 
because hikers didn't trail harden themselves a little before the hike...

Now let me confess, I have hiked many miles before I ever thru hiked. So the only 
place I can remember getting blisters, was going down to Cabazon. Seems the 8000'
drop, was too much and I counted 3 blisters between toes. Since these 
were not critical areas, I just kept on hiking. In a day or two, it was a non issue.
But for others, if you get a blister on the back of your heal, oh Man, you could be in 
for some real pain.

-Mountain Goat-

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