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A different option?  <From: Jes Shap <raztaz2000 at gmail.com> <Subject: [pct-l] Writing on the trail <Say I wanted to write a book while on the trail. Don't worry about the why <or whether that's a reasonable thing to do, this is a technical question: <what is the lightest way to do it electronically? I have tried the journals and the phone. Phones are to small for my mitts and adding a blue-tooth keyboard does not make a lot of sense. The journal works, but it ends up being more of a recap of the day, mileage, elevation, notable sights, etc. Currently I am playing with a digital voice recorder, it is by far the lightest option out there. Most have the ability to write to micro SD cards, and have translation software that will convert the file to text. Although editing would probably be required. Of course there is always professional dictation services that you could send the cards to as they fill up. Or maybe a spouse could do it, probably not though. :) The nice thing about the recorder is that you just carry it in a pocket and any time you want to talk or record your thoughts it's there. No need to stop or do it in the tent at night. Most are small enough that they fit in a little zip lock to keep them dry and dust free. The buttons are east to operate through the plastic and voice seems to travel fine through it too. Most of the Office Supply stores have these and there is lots of options. Look for ones that have a memory card, auto turn off, and replaceable batteries, some are AA, but most are AAA. They seem to last a long time though.  color='black' size='2' face='arial'>

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