[pct-l] Plantar fascitis

Landy Figueroa landykf at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 18:43:33 CST 2014

Hi group,
thanks for all of the advice.  In a moment of desperation last night, I
took a baseball, attacked all trigger points in my lower legs, and rolled
the living crap out of the lateral sides of my legs with said baseball.  My
observation after full scale engagement by rubber ball on my leg was that
rolling either the peroneus longus muscle or the extensor digitorum longus
muscle (outside mid lower leg), not really sure which exact muscle just
yet, made almost all of the pain and cramping go away within a few hours.
To be fair, I rolled all muscles from the middle calf to the just outside
my shin bone, but the most intensely painful area (cue heavy lamaze
breathing) and therefore the most focus was in the outside of my lower
legs.  I didn't focus on my feet at all.  I would normally wake up with
residual pain upon first weight bearing step of the day, but no!  Pain
free.  And I was on my feet shoveling snow for 8 hours today.
Interesting!  I'll be exploring this further, as well as other suggestions,
in the coming weeks.  I think that a lacross ball might be my luxury item.
I'll be experimenting with a foam roller as well.  Yay for bodies and their
weird issues!

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