[pct-l] Advise needed for yo-yo hike

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I see a couple of potential issues. First, I believe that it is illegal to enter the US along the trail south from Manning Park. I'm assuming you're a US citizen. If that's important, I guess you could get a ride to Hart's Pass, hike north 30 miles to Monument 78, then back south. 

Second, won't there still be a lot of snow in the Northern Cascades in late May / early June? I'm sure Andrea Dinsmore would be a reliable source for that info. 

Good luck, 

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Hey all, 
Due to outside life issues I'm considering a yo-yo this year instead of a straight thru-hike. 
The plan would be to start at Warner Springs with a few others, hike South to the Kick Off, get back to WS, hike to Kennedy Meadows, then get up to Manning Park to start Southbound. Following is an abridged, estimated timeline using Craig's PCT planner: 
Manning Park 5/30; Snoqualmie 6/12; Bend 6/30; Crater Lake 7/8; 
Etna 7/18; Truckee 8/8; Bridgeport 8/15; KM 8/31. 
Theoretically I would be missing the worst of the bloodsuckers in WA (while getting more rain?), missing the snow in the Sierras (but enduring peak backpacker season) and simplifying gear swap-out between So-Cal, the rest of the trail and later bear canister areas. 
Specific questions: are trail angels and trail services operating that early in WA and that late in Central CA? Are there any serious difficulties using NoBo oriented data for a SoBo hike? Any info/comments at all would be helpful. 
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