[pct-l] To waterproof or not to waterproof (ye old sleeping

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Thank you for your input.
Based on everyone's advice,
I will not be waterproofing my sleeping bag.
I'm ditching the mylar emergency bag too.
I slept for over 3 months in my tent last year, back in IL., during the 
months of Feb., Mar., Apr., and May.
I stayed toasty warm using a synthetic inner bag liner, my bag,
and an outer fleece liner (meant for a rectangular car camping bag).
Thinking back, and thinking about what everyone said here at the list,
I realize now, that the reason why these 3 items worked so well together was 
because everything breathed.
Glad to have the list serve- for the great sounding board that it is.

Thanks again,


Timberline wrote:

>>> I'm not so sure about the carbon dioxide attracting water theory - but 
>>> the
rest of Terry's post is on target.  Bodies give off a lot of water, even
while sleeping.  Trapping that moisture inside the bag is not a good idea.
If the treatment you did is a completely effective waterproofing (including
acting as a vapor barrier which is doubtful), it's worse than the mylar
bivy.  Now the moisture will condense inside the insulation itself rather
than condensing outside the nylon shell.  If you already did it, maybe it
won't be very effective - that would be a good thing! You won't know until
you try.  But I'd try it before you hit the trail on a cold night!  Good

Timberline <<<

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