[pct-l] 2014 or 2015

Karen Keller karen.kellerford at gmail.com
Wed Jan 15 13:27:26 CST 2014

Thank you to all who took the time to reply to my query. I am so moved,
motivated and inspired by each of you! I have decided  to stop dreaming and
start doing NOW. I will work hard here in Ohio and plan to hike this year
but will make my final decision based on the weather on the PCT at the end
of March. For now I will shoot for and early to mid April start where I
left off in 2011. By the time I hit Kennedy Meadows I will have hiked 350
miles and I should know if I am ready for the Sierras.I figure most of you
will have caught me and passed me by then. My goal is to walk every step of
the PCT in my lifetime. I want to see it all. I would be thrilled to get to
Canada in 2014, but happy enough to have the privilege just to be out there
every day for five months making progress north. Ned, I will never forget
how kind and patient you were with me on that snow course in 2011. I
learned so much. Your input means a lot. Thanks again, all of you fellow
lovers of the trail. I value your advise!

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