[pct-l] using Amtrak to and from the PCT

Dennis Keis keis1 at shaw.ca
Sun May 11 12:51:39 CDT 2014

>You can take the Amtrak from Redding to South Lake Tahoe... 
>Technically a train from Redding to Sacramento, then a bus up to 
>SLT. ?You'll need to board the train in Redding at 2:30AM, and 
>you'll need to hitch a ride back up to Echo Pass that afternoon.

I see lots of comments from time to time about using Amtrak to and 
from the PCT. We planned on catching Amtrak at Klamath Falls in 2012 
heading to Seattle at the end of our California thru hike, but were 
told by Amtrak that we were required to pre-purchase tickets by phone 
or online for a specific train on a specific day. Of course we 
couldn't predict the day we would arrive so this was not an option. I 
asked if one could just show up and buy a ticket if the train had 
space. I was told absolutely NO! Every passenger must pre-purchase a 
ticket, even if the train wasn't full. Ended up hitching to Medford 
and enduring a long bus ride north.

So, does Amtrak have a different policy in California? If not, then 
it seems to me that any advice on using Amtrak might be of little 
value unless you know the exact date/time you'll want to board and 
are able to pre-purchase your ticket.


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