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Rob Langsdorf sdscpcts at yahoo.com
Wed May 14 19:26:18 CDT 2014

I suspect that those on the trail have run into enough weather this year to encourage them to be prepared by now. At ADZPCTKO we had a wind and rain storm on Friday night that convinced some that they needed better rain gear and tents.

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On 05/09/14, Jason wrote:

... where Ziggy hosted over 90 hikers yesterday( I signed in @ #777 for the year)... 

Is it just me, or has the PCT jumped the shark?

Saturday night at 8000' on Mt. Pinos we had winds at 50+ mph and temps dropped into the low 20s with light snow. I hope none of this years thruhikers mailed their foul weather gear to Kennedy Meadows.

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