[pct-l] Disrespect of the PCT.....:(

Luis Velasco velascoluis at cox.net
Thu May 22 12:19:39 CDT 2014

Ms.  Dinsmore,

Good post.

>>Maybe the trail would be better with out all of us. You can
only be abused and disrespected for so long before you give up. Some have
gotten to that point. If it wasn't for the ongoing love and care we Angels
get from most hikers......we would all probably be gone by now.

I agree. While there are many people in life who do indeed need our help
and compassion, I am at odds that through-hikers fit this category (except
in life-threatening situations).

My though on this:  Through-hiking is in reality ‹ pure adventure.  An
endeavor that (in my perception) is intended to challenge us (individually
or as a group of through-hikers).  It is meant to ignite foresight,
logistical consideration and planning, self/group reliance,
resourcefulness, determination, tenacity, teamwork‹ without outside

On the issue of Bad Apples; yes, there are a few that have the potential
to spoil the perception of all though-hikers.  But only if we
(individually & as a group) allow it. Not confronting immature
though-hikers (or posers) only results in reinforcing their arrogance.
Yet, I can see you¹ve already taken steps to mitigate this issue.  I am
saddened that you had to have you kindness abused (for 2 weeks).

I¹m sure you and others have considered closing shop in the wake of having
to suspect problems.  Though the decision is entirely yours, perhaps you
might consider closing shop every other year.

Personally, I¹d like to see all services (with the exception of the mobile
Trail Angel) cease every other year (or more often).

By doing so perhaps this would foster a specific breed of through-hiker on
those No-Service seasons (no hard-sites (yours), water caches, etc).  Such
a period could bring a year of though-hikers who are more self reliant (or
group driven), who are challenged to make the trek without any assistance
‹ Call it a ³No Yogi Year."

And yes, not to belittle anyone, I do believe there are currently
through-hikers that eschew all assistance for the sake of making their
journeys an epic personal challenge.  To those, I  tip my hat!

Bottom line, cut the apron stings and let through-hikers work out the
issues of the trail and make the journey a true challenge.

Lastly, along with the above listed attributes of the through-hiker, a
dose of active moral courage must be continued to be exercised in order to
help immature grow up ‹ or simply to keep them in their place ‹ if they so
chose to take advice.

- Luis (San Diego, CA)
MyGySgt USMC Ret.  


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