[pct-l] My disrespect on the PCT

Matthew Edwards iceaxehikes at gmail.com
Sat May 24 17:22:48 CDT 2014

No confession would be complete without a.. confession.

I got angry and yelled at another hiker for putting a hammer in my pack.
I engaged in group think mentality against another hiker.
I completely neglected to sign the Saufley's register.. I am so sorry.
I was rude to a ride angel.
I left a hiking partner behind in the Sierra out of jealousy.
I cut in line at the all you can eat buffet at Annie Creek and lied about
I mis judged Yogi Beer and Sidewinder.
I judged Bubble party wrongly.
Worst of all.. i was cruel to that undocumented alien outside Mt Laguna by
refusing him food.
And, Slim.. i am sorry i was mean to you at the Dinsmore's
Which i also judged wrongly.

Its very easy to get caught up in one's own ego.
Guilty as charged.


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