[pct-l] Paying Bills While Thru-hiking

Tim Umstead tumstead96 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 12:58:49 CST 2014

I was wondering how people pay their bills while hiking the PCT.  Yes most
all banks have the ability to have you pay your bills on-line.  You can
also have the bank query your bill from say your cell phone provider, then
you can pay it.  So using this you just have to get a connection once or
twice a month to pay your bills.  But these are not the bills I'm thinking
of.  You know how a doctor's office or hospital will bill you 4 or 5 months
after you had service?  You never know when these bills will come in.  How
do people handle these types of bills.

What I've thought of so far:
Have all your mailed forward to some one who will pay your bills for you.
 (This is what we did on our '96 thru-hike)
Use a service like virtualpostoffice.  (I just found out about this an hour

What other options are there?

The Ravens
Tim and Ann
PCT '96

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