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Re: ....you may want to consider (Andrea Dinsmore)
Being helped or rescued, participating in a rescue, or watching one in  
progress, as you know, is an experience that cannot be forgotten.    Along my 
PCT trek (1999-2004) I was involved with several rescues.   Something can be 
learned from such accounts. 
The first occurred in the Sierra (north of Mount Alancha and south of Gomez 
 Canyon). Upon finding a hiker was dizzy and could not maintain balance, 
two  hikers went north and down Mulky Pass in Horseshoe Meadows to seek help.  
 Another climbed up a ridge overlooking Owens Valley where might arrange a 
rescue  operation.  Another stayed with the stricken hiker.  I was behind 
the  group about five miles, unaware of what was going on.  As I rounded the  
shoulder of Mt. Alancha, I heard what sounded like a helicopter climbing  
out.  After lunch at Gomez Canyon I headed northbound.  Cruising up  the 
rather steep trail, panting, are the two  hikers that went northbound  out of 
their way to seek help.  They tell me he was picked up already by  helicopter.  
He had some kind of ear infection, perhaps cause by insect  bite and after 
getting it treated he soon got back on the trail.
The second one was at the USFS CG north of Old Station.  A woman car  
camper, out with her family, was panicked; she lost her son.  I just went  off 
looking. I headed for a local stream, soon found him and led him back to a  
very relieved mom.
The third occurred well into Section O.  I passed a hard working trail  
crew flattening out the trail tread on a steep slope.  About a mile later,  I 
see a back packer laying in the shade of tree with the dry heaves.    I head 
back to the work crew.  One of them with a radio follows me  back.  After a 
call, the trail leader explains help will soon arrive and  advises me to 
continue my trek northbound.  A few days later I see this  same hiker being 
followed and supplied by a van. 
The fourth incident occurred at dusk when I cruised onto Scotts Pass at the 
 summit of Hwy 3 (half way from I5 to Seid Valley).  A man, not attired 
well  for cool weather, was standing by the only vehicle at the trail  head.   
He tells me his wife had left for a hike with their dog and  not returned.  
He explained she was lightly dressed.  At that moment,  a Sheriff’s Deputy 
appears. He tells that a search is being planned.  He  and I catch her 
footprints and follow them, calling out along the way.  The  foot prints reveals 
she walked off somewhat easterly off the path with leaving a  trace at night 
in the duff.  Finding no other clues we head back.  I  spend the night at 
the trailhead as more searchers arrive.  I hear good  news that she was found 
in the early morning with her dog, who kept her  warm.  And she did have a 

1. PLBs........you may want to consider. (Andrea  Dinsmore)
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Please  read this article in the Herald newspaper from our area. These are
the crew  that go out and rescue hurt or missing hikers. Also, watch the on
scene  video of the rescue.



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