[pct-l] Paying Bills while hiking

Mary Kwart mkwart at gci.net
Tue Nov 4 19:57:12 CST 2014

I belong to a community time bank. I build up hours by doing jobs for
others, then use the hours to have someone pick up my mail, water my
house plants, etc. when I'm gone. While I'm on the trail,  I will
call them to see what kind of mail has come through and will arrange
to pay bills either electronically or over the phone. There are time
banks in many communities. The link to my communities' time bank: 
www.sotimecoop.org. I can also use my earned hours  to get rides in
towns that also have time banks. The time bank community is part of a
network throughout the US.

I also make a list of all my credit card contact info in case a credit
card is lost or stolen. All of my bills are autopay as much as
possible. When in doubt about an impending bill, I pre pay some of my
accounts to build up a credit before I leave. I don't have a smart
phone, so use computers in motels and libraries along the way.


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