[pct-l] Back to the Future: Ultralight

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Very interesting!

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> We all learned that Ultralight was a new concept pioneered by Ray Jardine 
> a
> couple of decades ago. Before that backpackers carried enormous 45-70 
> pound
> packs, right?
> Here's a quote from Clinton Clarke in 1940, promoting The Desert Trail (a
> completed 475 mile stretch at the southern end of proposed Pacific Crest
> Trail).
> "The trip may be made with backpack or with pack animals. For those who
> prefer the former method it is surprising how much food and bedding can be
> stowed in a knapsack that weighs only 15 or 18 pounds. ... Experienced
> hikers with packs that weigh less than 30 pounds have remained on the 
> trails
> away from all sources of food supply for 10 days without hardship."  --
> Clinton Clarke, "They follow the trails with a pack on their backs", The
> Desert Magazine, April 1940, page 25.
> Indeed photos show early proponents on the trail with just a bedroll 
> strung
> over a shoulder, food tucked inside. Only later did gear become such an
> necessity.
> Steady ('04)
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