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Matt Parker zerosignal74 at comcast.net
Sun Nov 9 19:16:26 CST 2014

Hello all, 


Double Tap here. After completing a PCT thru hike in 2014 I decided to start
an online long distance backpacking class website to help people prepare for
hiking the PCT. This is an interactive personal online class where I run
through a presentation with you in real time. If you are interested in thru
or section hiking the PCT check out my website at
<http://www.doubletaphikes.com/> www.doubletaphikes.com.


Classes include:
PCT-101          The water report, hiking the snowy Sierras, gear (backpack,
tent,shoes), permits, resupplying on trail, food, clothing, maps, expenses,
electronics, smart phone apps, information on poison oak & poodle dog bush,
and checklists.
PCT-RESU      Resupply locations for the entire PCT, resupply fees, buy as
you go options, bounce boxes, a custom tailored resupply strategy fit to
your requirements and hiking rate, and all resupply box labels (ready to
PCT-CASA      California-Section A (Important water sources, the water
report, campsites, resupplying strategies and resupply box labels, lodging,
best time of the year to hike, special gear for this section, and places on
this section of trail to avoid during the heat of the day).
PCT-xxxx        Classes for all 29 sections of the PCT in California,
Oregon, and Washington.


* The first 3 people who email me at matt at doubletaphikes.com will get the
PCT-101 presentation and online class for FREE.
* PCT-CASA (California-Section A) is currently FREE for anyone who signs up
for it by emailing me.


I have also started a Facebook page for this service at
<https://www.facebook.com/doubletaphikes> www.facebook.com/doubletaphikes.
Feel free to email me or post on the Facebook page if you have any


Good luck in preparation for your hike!


Double Tap

matt at doubletaphikes.com


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