[pct-l] Best 400 Mile Section for a Beginner

Andrew Gerdes andgerdes at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 30 19:38:23 CST 2014

Hi All,

I have been reading the list now for a year or so and am planning my first hike along the PCT this summer.  I wanted to gather some opinions on which section may be best to start with.  I have from about mid July to mid August to complete my hike.  My original plan was to cover most of Oregon by flying into Medford/Ashland and hiking from there to the Bridge of the Gods.  From there it would be an easy jog to Portland where I could spend a couple days and fly back to the East coast.  I would love to hear other options/opinions you all may have or if you think that is a good way to start.  From my research the biggest obstacle in Oregon around that time may be Mosquitos?  I have been slowly gathering my gear, researching, and looking forward to getting out there!  Thanks all!


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