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Here’ my driving directions from the eTrails app. Coming from most places, the Highway 14 access is a lot shorter, but involves quite a bit of driving on dirt roads, which can be slow driving carefully with a low-clearance vehicle.


The dirt Bird Spring Pass Rd. (SC120) can be reached from a well-marked junction on Kelso Valley Road, and is normally passable by low-clearance vehicles.  The pass can also be reached from Highway 14 33 miles north of Mojave via a long sequence of good dirt roads. From call box 14-493, head west on SC65.  In 4.9 miles, cross left at the covered LA Aqueduct.  In 0.9 mile, turn right onto SC106.  In 4.1 miles, turn right again onto SC120, and continue 4.0 miles to the pass.

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> If anyone knows the best route to reach this location, I'd like to know.
> Also, if you have experience with quality of the dirt road.    I'd like to
> restock this cache a bit for my own hike, and leave some extra for others.
> I am not sure if this can road be approached from "either direction"    if
> there is a better approach (top down vs. bottom up), that sort of
> information would be good too.
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