[pct-l] Hiking N from Mill Creek Summit week of T'Giving

gary_schenk at verizon.net gary_schenk at verizon.net
Fri Oct 24 16:03:36 CDT 2014

 On 10/24/14, ralbach at austin.rr.com wrote:
I'd like to get some thoughts on:
(a) likely weather conditions;
Cool nights, cool to warmish days. After 3 years of drought it is very dry in the San Gabriels right now. Even the chapparal is starting to die. Be prepared to carry lots of water.
(b) how to get to Mill Creek Summit;
Since you are flying into LAX, take the Flyaway bus to Union Station. IIRC, you catch the bus on the departure level. From Union Station, take Metrolink to Acton. http://www.metrolinktrains.com/routes/ From Acton best probably to get a taxi, uber or lyft.
(c) possible drop out points after Agua Dulce.
You'll be crossing lots of roads. If you go as far as Hwy 58 you can call for a ride to Tehachapi. Should be able to get back to LA from there without too much difficulty.

Or, you could rent a couple of cars and shuttle.

Your big concern will be water. Best of luck!


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