[pct-l] Snoqualmie-to-Manning report

Tom Grundy caver456 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 16:19:43 CDT 2014

Old news now, but, hats off to the trail crew that fixed the washouts
between Rock and Woody passes, north of Harts pass, a few weeks back.
Great job.

Like someone else pointed out, the slope angles at the washouts (<45
degrees, mostly large talus, not vegetated) probably weren't enough to
cause any injury beyond a skinned knee if you did happen to miss a step,
but the inherent rockfall/slide/roll danger would have made for careful
slow going.  Then again we know nothing of the 'before' since we only hiked
the 'after'.  You could see plenty evidence of the detours folks took at
each washout.  The repairs look great, with 2'-3' wide smooth tread with no

Like Scott W says, "Glacier Peak is messy, but, it's always messy".  Plenty
of blowdown etc but luckily someone took a hatchet to some of the worst
blowdown to carve in steps and handholds.  Nothing dicey as of a few weeks
back.  No real fords, a few wet feet where we avoided less than perfect log
crossings, etc.  Kennedy Creek bridge (the "v") worked fine a few weeks
back but you wonder about future plans for that one...  Sounds like there
are reports of some new washouts, mudslides, etc due to more recent
rains.... Good luck.

No fire closures in that entire stretch, but, old fire news is useless so
check inciweb or such.

Happy hiking to all!

-Boots and Tom, Nevada City CA

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