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Rod Miller rod at rodmiller.com
Tue Sep 2 12:13:05 CDT 2014

On 9/2/14, 9:39 AM, CClark wrote:
> Hi Shroomer
> Altras no doubt work well for a lot of hikers.  They aren't
> the best choice for everyone, though.  My doc thinks I could get foot
> injuries from wearing them, because my hamstrings are tight (from past
> overuse injuries).
> The doc explained that the way zero-drop shoes work is
> counter-intuitive.  You would think, due to the lower heel, they'd
> take pressure off of the balls of the feet.  I'm looking for that, because
> that's where I get sore and get huge blisters underneath my calluses.
>   But apparently, zero-drop shoes make our foot roll differently, so they
> end up forcing us to actually hike more on our toes than we did in the first
> place.
> Carolyn  'Souldoctor'
After my first pair of Merrill "barefoot" shoes, my
walking gait changed from a slight duck waddle to
straight ahead. Now anything else (rise in the heel)
feels uncomfortable. For backpacking I use the Asolo
Drifter GV which is zero drop or close
enough, very comfy with Superfeet inserts in place
of the factory inserts.
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