[pct-l] It's map AND compass

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Thank you for sharing this.  So totally agree.  I teach map and compass to 
outdoor ed students and I try to drive home the point that while a GPS is 
wonderful, sometimes the batteries don't work or you can't get a satellite 
signal, so it becomes worthless.  I also let them know that a map is 
worthless without the compass, so we practice how to make them work 
together.  For this reason too, when we are out there, my husband uses his 
GPS and all the electronic gadgets, but I keep the map and compass handy. 
We've had to refer to them a few times when the GPS was unclear.  Both are 


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> Map might be worthless without a compass and skill to use them.
> http://www.bendbulletin.com/localstate/2393733-151/lost-pct-hiker-assisted-by-search-and-rescue
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