[pct-l] Tahoe Yosemite Trail

Sean Nordeen sean.nordeen at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 01:30:20 CDT 2014

What is the latest information about mailing a resupply package to Kennedy
Meadows (North) Resort and Pack Station off Hwy 108 near Sonora Pass? When
I did the PCT back in 2009, I didn't visit.

After hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail back in June, I've felt inspired to do
another long trip this year.  So I decided to do the Tahoe Yosemite Trail
starting this weekend.  I need to mail my bear can and resupply to Kennedy
Meadows Resort so I have it for Yosemite as I only need it for the last
part of the trip.

I know there is a large fire near Half Dome so I'll finish up at the ending
point of Tuolumne Meadows rather then extend it down to the valley.
Hopefully the smoke won't kill the views too much.


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