[pct-l] Tahoe Yosemite Trail

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Wed Sep 10 08:22:26 CDT 2014

> What is the latest information about mailing a resupply package to Kennedy Meadows (North) Resort...?

See <http://tahoetowhitney.com/Resupply/Kennedy%20Meadows/Kennedy_Meadows_Pack_Station_Resupply.html#8> for
UPS only (no USPS!) delivery address; $10 charge when you pick it up...

If you have any other questions for them, KM(N) website is <http://www.kennedymeadows.com/>; phone numbers at bottom of he page.

Are you following the old TYT route (over Saint Marys pass down to 108/Deadmans Creek, or just using the PCT?
Just curious!!  ;-)

Happy trails!!!
Jim (PITA)

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