[pct-l] Ride from Sonora Pass to Tuolumne Meadows needed on Fri, Sept 19th

Herb Stroh HStroh at sjmslaw.com
Wed Sep 10 08:38:10 CDT 2014

In case a ride does not pan out: get from the trail head to Carson City--fastest but most expensive is a shuttle with Tahoe Joe who will pick your up at your trail head: http://www.shuttlearoundtahoe.com/ About $60 from Meeks Bay to Carson. Much cheaper but logistically more challenging is to take the bus/trollies that serve Tahoe http://www.tahoetransportation.org/southtahoe . Or, of course hitch--there is plenty of traffic around the lake. Once in Carson, take ESTA: http://www.estransit.com/CMS/content/395-routes right to Lee Vining (ESTA does not run weekends). I don't recall the cost but not bad. Hitch out of LV to TM or take YARTS http://www.yarts.com/service.html . But I think YARTS only runs on the weekends after Labor Day.

The ESTA stop in LV is right next to Mono Vista RV Park http://monovistarvpark.net/  and you can buy a shower there if desired.


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Two of us are trying to finish up: me the PCT, Michelle the JMT.  We're doing the section from Tuolumne Meadows to Sonora Pass.  We'll end up at Sonora Pass on Friday, September 19th, and would be most grateful (and will
reimburse) for a ride down to Lee Vining or better yet, Tuolumne Meadows Lodge, where the car is parked.


Thanks in advance,

Pongo and Michelle

(scottmcclelland at comcast.net)

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