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Tom Grundy caver456 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 13:15:13 CDT 2014

We did the PCT-section version of the TYT (enter at Meek's then follow PCT
to Tuolumne) about 5 years ago, ran across a guy from Berkley named Stoner
- yes that's a bit vague - (Alex in reality) who did the TYT proper
including the Moke crossing, said it was ridiculously overgrown and hard to
find, he was all cut up from bushes and such, and the crossing was very
dodgy though I don't remember what time of year it was, or whether it was a
bad drought year.  We saw him when he came up to join the PCT somewhere
around Asa lake.  Sounds like a good adventure!  We opted to take the side
trails from Kennedy Mdws N after picking up our resupply there, south into
Emigrant wilderness and east to rejoin PCT near Bond Pass.  Very very dusty
and full of horse pucky - it is a pack trail after all - but incredible
scenery, with the volcanic meeting the granitic all over the place, lots of
pink granite too.  That avoided the snow coming up the south side of Sonora
pass and snow on the sideslopes south of there.  Enjoy the trip!

On Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 10:54 AM, Sean Nordeen <sean.nordeen at gmail.com>

> Thanks Jim for the info!  I'll have to follow up with them to get the UPS
> address I need to use.
> "Are you following the old TYT route (over Saint Marys pass down to
> 108/Deadmans Creek, or just using the PCT?"
> I'm attempting the original route.  If I was following the PCT the whole
> way I'd call it a section hike of the PCT as I don't consider them the same
> thing.  As the wilderness press guide and maps have been out of print for
> about 20 years, I found an alternate source for the route.  Though I was in
> REI the other day, I noticed that WP's latest version of Sierra North
> guidebook now includes something they call the TYT broken down into
> multiple shorter sections but without the maps or detailed descriptions of
> the original guidebook (my much older version of the book doesn't list the
> TYT as any of the trips included).  Didn't read it in detail to see if its
> still the same original route.  I'm mainly relying on information and maps
> I found here:
> http://tahoetowhitney.com/picturetrail/Tahoe_to_Alpine/Meeks_to_Echo_Summit/Lake_Tahoe_Yosemite_Trail.html
> >From there I'm printing out a few maps of the cross country areas and
> areas
> that I read in a recent journal that suggest poor trail maintainence to
> supplement my Tom Harrison and Nat. Geo. trail maps of the Sierras for
> navigation.
> An interesting thing just happened.  You can use Amtrak connector
> buses/trains to get between Yosemite an Truckee and the local TART buses to
> get down within 1.5 miles of the start of the TYT in Tahoe.  But the
> schedule requires an overnight in Truckee.  So instead, I reached out
> yesterday to a few hiking friends to see if anyone had wanted to hike part
> of the trail with me in hopes of getting a bite to help set up the car
> shuttle.  At midnight last night,a friend (O'Dark from the PCT 2009)
> offered to not only drive me the 480 miles to Tahoe from SoCal, but to come
> back and pick me up in Yosemite 10-11 days later.  How can you pay
> something like that back?
> -Miner
> On Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 6:22 AM, <enyapjr at comcast.net> wrote:
> > > What is the latest information about mailing a resupply package to
> > Kennedy Meadows (North) Resort...?
> >  See <
> >
> http://tahoetowhitney.com/Resupply/Kennedy%20Meadows/Kennedy_Meadows_Pack_Station_Resupply.html#8
> >
> > for
> > UPS only (no USPS!) delivery address; $10 charge when you pick it up...
> >  If you have any other questions for them, KM(N) website is <
> > http://www.kennedymeadows.com/>; phone numbers at bottom of he page.
> >  Are you following the old TYT route (over Saint Marys pass down to
> > 108/Deadmans Creek, or just using the PCT?
> > Just curious!!  ;-)
> >  Happy trails!!!
> > Jim (PITA)
> >
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