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It was map and compass in '94 too. The trail was finished.  All the new apps,GPS etc are fun and at times reassuring. But, as I just experienced on the CDT in the San Juan's, I could be standing right on trail next to a 813 post and the GPS told me I was not "on trail ". I also experienced the GPS showing me on trail--the trail did not exist. It was back to looking at paper map to find out where I really was. Obviously I found my way out. 
Map and compass courses are priceless 

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>> On Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 10:43 AM, Greg Hummel <bighummel at aol.com> wrote:
>> In '77 there was no GPS and a lot more challenges following the then unfinished trail than now. We all carried compass and maps. After just a couple weeks you become an expert. I pulled my compass out once in deep snow, that's all. The USFS maps were the best.
> Back in 86 there was no GPS either, however the trail was finished
> (more or less). But back then it was still all uphill - both ways -
> and in the snow. Kids of today don't know how easy they have it, and
> if you tell them, they'll never believe you.
> I did use my compass often at road crossings, when the "book of lies"
> would say "the trail resumes 200 ft west down the road."
> Navigation by map in the High Sierra was easy, even in a high snow
> year like 86, as one simply needed to keep in the correct drainage.
> North of I-80, with shorter mountains, and taller trees, navigation by
> map and compass was much, much trickier. I didn't run out of snow
> navigation problems till north of Sierra City, and didn't run out of
> significant coverage till Lassen.
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