[pct-l] PCT and Honesty

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Oneday PCT Grizzly and his wife, TrailDust, were at their trailtown saloon withfriends to have hot pizza and cold brews. Grizzly was talking to his buddy, who had two passions; golf andhiking.  Recently the friend had met agreat hiking lady on the trail and they really hit it off.  As they got to know one another, they realizedthey lived in the adjoining PCT trailtowns too. They were both ecstatic.
Hisfriend explained to Grizzly, “Within a couple of months we had gone dancing, restaurants,movies, etc.  It was great.  I was convinced she was my soul mate.  Everything seemed to get better and better.”
“Onour 3-month anniversary of going out together, I took her to the best restaurantand told her I loved her.  She said thesame to me.  I then told her that she hadto realize how much I loved golf too when not out on the trail.  Practically everything was golf, golf, golf.  I continued that before I took a small boxout of my pocket, I had to make sure I was being honest with her.”
“Shetook a deep breath and said she had something to tell me too.  She told me for the last five years she hadbeen a hooker.”
“I toldher it was because she was not keeping her wrists straight when hitting theball."
Yourobedient servant and trail rapscallion,
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