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CClark dr_carolyn at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 15 12:55:17 CDT 2014

Thanks for your prompt reply. I also found that Altras were not
wide in the places where I needed width, and were short for my
size. Try Hoka shoes.

Also, there's a company called Hanwag that makes a special
"hallux valgus" (bunion) width in some of their boots. To date,
though, they only make boots, not the trail runner shoes that we
like to wear on the PCT.

I think you and Melanie and I (and anyone else who needs extra
wide toe boxes) should lobby Hanwag to make trail runners, or
we should lobby other shoe manufacturers to come up with their
own hallux valgus widths!

Keep me posted if you find the right shoe.


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Hi Carolyn, Scott, et al.

I received my pair of Altra Lone Peaks 2 last Tuesday. Wore them around my 
house a bit. With my usual hiking socks (Smartwood medium weight) the shoes 
were both short and too narrow. I tried with just a pair of thin liner 
socks using only Spenco flat insoles -- left foot OK,  right foot still too 
narrow. Altra shoes may be wider than most but they are not side enough for 
me. Maybe also the shoes were a bit shorter than my size 10 New Balance. So 
I've repacked them and will send back to Zappos tomorrow. Alas.

I did feel the shoes gave me a better and faster stride around my place. I 
just need a wider shoe and Altra doesn't make wide shoes.


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