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I agree.  It is all very individual and you just have to find your own hiking shoes through trial and error.  I got tendinitis with my New Balance, quickly wore out my Sun Dragons (after 200 miles), got consistent blisters on my right heel with Inov8 Rocklite 295s, and now put in over 1000 miles each on my Brooks Cascadia 7/8's (I love them).  It just takes time and patience to find the right ones for you.  Symbiosis

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I used Inov8 Roclite 295s on my several hundred mile PCT hike this year. I bought them from Zappos, and loved them. They have a wide toe box (the reason I tried them to begin with) and great grippy tread.  one pair lasted about 500 miles and I could have gotten a bit more out of them but had a second pair. Break in time was minimal to none.  Light, rugged, and comfortable.  Highly recommend.

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> On Sep 15, 2014, at 0:23, Tortoise <Tortoise73 at charter.net> wrote:
> Hi Carolyn, Scott, et al.
> I received my pair of Altra Lone Peaks 2 last Tuesday. Wore them 
> around my house a bit. With my usual hiking socks (Smartwood medium 
> weight) the shoes were both short and too narrow. I tried with just a 
> pair of thin liner socks using only Spenco flat insoles -- left foot 
> OK,  right foot still too narrow. Altra shoes may be wider than most 
> but they are not side enough for me. Maybe also the shoes were a bit 
> shorter than my size 10 New Balance. So I've repacked them and will send back to Zappos tomorrow. Alas.
> I did feel the shoes gave me a better and faster stride around my 
> place. I just need a wider shoe and Altra doesn't make wide shoes.
> Tortoise
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>> On 09.02.14, 09:39, CClark wrote:
>> Hi Shroomer
>> Altras no doubt work well for a lot of hikers.  They aren't the best 
>> choice for everyone, though.  My doc thinks I could get foot injuries 
>> from wearing them, because my hamstrings are tight (from past overuse 
>> injuries).
>> The doc explained that the way zero-drop shoes work is 
>> counter-intuitive.  You would think, due to the lower heel, they'd 
>> take pressure off of the balls of the feet.  I'm looking for that, 
>> because that's where I get sore and get huge blisters underneath my calluses.
>>  But apparently, zero-drop shoes make our foot roll differently, so 
>> they end up forcing us to actually hike more on our toes than we did 
>> in the first place.
>> Carolyn  'Souldoctor'
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