[pct-l] Section O

Susan Virnig susan at newstories.org
Wed Sep 17 13:46:04 CDT 2014

I’m planning to hike Section O next week.  I just got some great information from Andy who hiked it in July about road and water conditions, but does anyone have more up-to-date information?  I’m hoping to backpack and/or day hike my way thru this 83 miles.  My spouse will be either waiting for me in local motels or meeting me if the roads are passable.  To give you an idea of my background, I’ve hiked the 1100 miles from Etna Summit to Manning Provincial Park (did WA in the late 70s & early 80s; did OR in the 2000s; and starting CA in the 2010s) — about 1/3 of it solo and the rest leading small groups.  I’m trying to do bigger chunks of the PCT at this point and hope to complete the rest of CA before I turn 70 in 5 years.

Specific questions:

1.  Water — is there still water at Rock Creek just down from where the PCT crosses Peavine Creek?  How about the springs at the top of Moosehead Creek?  Deer Creek?  Ash Camp with the McCloud River — is it drinkable?  Trough Creek?  Squaw Valley & Cabin Creeks?  Fall Creek?  Normally I don’t ask all these questions, but living up in Spokane, WA, we hear all these horror stories about the drought in CA and how normally flowing streams have all dried up, so I thought I should check.

2.  Roads — anyone know about the road up to Peavine Creek? or Bartle Gap? or Grizzly Peak Road? or Ash Camp? or Cabin Creek?  We have a VW camper van, so it doesn’t really handle ruts or other problems.  We could take our Honda Accord instead, but it’s still just a passenger car with no 4-wheel drive.  Thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks for any help you guys can provide.

—Susan from Spokane

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