[pct-l] Fire closures

Christina Barba ckwrkornge at aol.com
Sat Sep 27 18:38:38 CDT 2014

Hi Tim:

From what I've seen:  

The pct near etna summit was burned in the whites fire.  A lot of this area is in sparser fuels.  This area was rehabbed and not extensively burnt.  I would cautiously guess this area will reopen.*

The man fire:

I've walked this from the south edge of the fire where it intersects the pct to black marble mountain.  Trail in this area was used as a fire line and a lot of it burnt, but the trail itself remained in good condition.  I would cautiously guess this area will reopen in the spring.  *

What I would worry about is the trail corridor between paradise lake and seied as this area travels more in drainages which have denser vegetation and thus areas where the duff under the trail can burn out.

*indicates best guess not considering the potential for idiot lawsuits



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