[pct-l] National Forest Service to Fine Unlicensed Photography

David Money Harris David_Harris at hmc.edu
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This is definitely hyped up.  Nothing has really changed.  Here’s an excerpt from an article below with a clarification.


The proposal does not change the rules for visitors or recreational photographers. Generally, professional and amateur photographers will not need a permit unless they use models, actors or props; work in areas where the public is generally not allowed; or cause additional administrative costs.


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> There's definitely a lot of spin in this article.  If you read the actual regs proposal, it is really referring to commercial enterprises, which basically continues what is already in place.  Tom Tidwell already announced four days ago that this is meant "to only apply to commercial filmmakers shooting movies or ads, and photographers who bring in extensive props and sets."
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>>> I was just forwarded this link.  Curious what ya'll think.......
>> http://lastresistance.com/7539/national-forest-service-fine-unlicensed-photography/
>> I think the page you linked to has just enough information, and spin on it,
>> to only try to create fear and anger at the FS.
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