[pct-l] PBS [personal locator beacon] on the PCT?

The Wilderness Vagabond wildvagabond at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 4 17:02:45 CDT 2015

PLB [personal locator beacon] on the PCT? 

I am responding to previous questions about using a Spot on the PCT.

If you want a PLB that actually works when you really need it, I suggest you take a strong look at the ACR ResQ-Link.   It transmits at 5.0 watts (the Spot at 0.4 --- that's a zero point four), uses the dedicated public satellite system  (No corporate fees or delays), has no (none) subscription fees (ever), and is much less expensive over a 3-year period, even when factoring in a battery replacement at 5 years, than either the Spot or InReach.  Most importantly, it works when you really need it, blasting out a signal with GPS coordinates and a radio signal too.
A Spot is fun when you get it to work.  It has a poor record of sending accurate signals when there's trees or canyons involved. 
If you Have to have a messenger, get an InReach, which operates at 1.6 watts, yet weighs a lot compared to the 4.3 ounces of an ResQ-Link.  Also, the ResQ-Link is made in the US. 
There is an analysis of PLBs 
in this (noncommercial) trip report:


Best wishes for safe travels, cordially,  WildVagabond

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