[pct-l] Camping at Campo

Brian Forestell briandid at telusplanet.net
Mon Apr 6 12:15:55 CDT 2015

The border patrol are hyper vigilant at Campo.  There were many agents who 
scoped us and at least one helicopter swept low to get a good look at us in 
the first two miles past the border.  A couple days later we could see a 
border patrol guy scoping us out with his binoculars.  I obliged him by 
mooning him.  The problem with camping that near to the border is that you 
will be likely harassed by the border patrol and there is a slim possibility 
that some frightened economic refugee might come running scared through your 
campsite.  We camped about three miles up the trail from the border in the 
chaparral and had a great sleep.  I think that Yogi is just projecting her 
own fears; in my opinion she can be a bit of a trouble maker and I would 
take any of her advise with a grain of salt.  My advice is just to tell the 
border patrol (there on the road on the way up to the monument) who you are 
and ask them where they would advise to set up for the night.  They are nice 
guys one on one and we had no problem filling up our water bottles at their 
station.  Your going to have a great summer.  Have fun.


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