[pct-l] Windigo Pass to Odell Lake OR - PCT or OST?

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Fri Apr 17 01:03:12 CDT 2015

Hello Map Freak & 180,

Don't know about sage advise, but here's a story.

At Windigo Pass [in 2012], Collector and I met again. We kicked off the
shoes and socks, took a long, leisurely water / snack break, plus chatted
about this and that. I took the opportunity to again ply him with
electrical / software engineering questions and he diplomatically tried to
educate me on some basic stuff. Then he recycled his latest issue of the
New Yorker to me, he hit the PCT, and I chose the OST.

That choice was part of what Yogi Berra would call “deja-vu, all over
again.” I wanted to continue on the old OST as that was my first trek on
the (pre) PCT in '58. Half-Mile's “PCT alternate” map-set was again spot-on.

I camped between the Tuck Lakes and headed for Crescent Lake the next day.
After a quick study of Half Mile’s map, I left the OST about a third of a
mile directly south of “WT” ~~ Water Tower ~~ (see map) because it was just
a short cross country hop to the paved road. I probably missed the optimal
point of leaving the trail, but was soon on the pavement. And soon after
that, there was a paved road spur going down to the lake campground. I
stumbled onto a service road to the WT that links the paved road to the
campground; it's just a few feet and west of the WT that leads directly
down to the Crescent Lake Campground / beach. I just checked google earth:
one can see the WT, its service road, and paved road configurations ~~ all
linked together.

I enjoyed the lake and camp ground amenities. To return to the tail ~~ the
same day ~~ I took the service road past the WT, continued on the payment
spur to the main paved road. Then I walked the payment for a very short
stretch NE and then tramped due east (at that point the WT was about due
west) cross country ~~ a very open forest cover ~~ to pick up the OST. (see
map) On the OST, I examined the map very carefully (again), stuck it in my
pack, did some walking north a short distance and then just to the east
(still on the OST) of the Whitefish Horse Camp. I was confident that I
would find the OST continuing at the end of the last loop of the horse camp
bearing NE: I did.

My lunch time view of Diamond Peaks at Diamond View Lake was very nice; bet
there are some fantastic pixs there at dawn or dust. And then the trail
follows picturesque Trapper Creek through a verdant forest ~~ just
beautiful ~~ to Odell Lake.

There is a potential downside to that OST alternate to the PCT: mountain
bikes allowed. I encounter none.

At Odell Lake I reflected on the OST & trekking friends from a trip a long
time ago with beer and hot dogs. And Collector gave me another example of
electrical power transmission with a non-monopolistic price. Still don't
know if I passed the midterm. But I do know if you take the PCT or one of
the many fantastic side trips, you’ll have a great time. Enjoy your hike !

be hope

PS to Map Freak & 180: from your post: “. . .It also appears to have
several poorly marked trail junctions, and Halfmile's red trail line even
deviates from the old OST black dashed line markings in several places. Is
there some confusion on this route? .. . .”

For me, there was no problem following Half-Mile's trace. I remember being
careful, as always, at trail / road junctions. And was cautious but
comfortable in going solo off trail twice thru the forest in the Crescent
Lake vicinity.

PS to Half-Mile ~~ thank you, again !

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> some sage advice
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>  Windigo Pass
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>  Oregon Skyline Trail for the
> trek up to Odell Lake (Shelter Cove - 1912.7).
>> MapFreak and 180

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