[pct-l] Bear canisters in the Sierra

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> ...list of mile points where there are bear canisters through the Sierra...

Are you asking about the backcountry food lockers, aka 'bear boxes', along the PCT?

If so, bear boxes 'on' the PCT in the backcountry are located at:
Rock Creek crossing, 760.5; Crabtree Meadow, 766.3; Wallace Creek ford, 770.3; Tyndall Frog Ponds, 774.0;
Tyndall Creek (2), 774.5 & 774.7; Bubbs Creek, 784.3; Upper Vidette, 786.1; Middle Vidette, 787.0;
Lower Vidette, 787.3 (0.1 West); Middle Rae Lake, 793.5; Lower Rae Lake, 794.3; Arrowhead Lake, 795.2;
Woods Creek bridge (2 locations, N & S of PCT), 799.8; Glen Aulin, 948.4…
There are also 'front country' food lockers near the PCT at Reds Meadow CG, 906.7 (0.6 North); Agnew Meadows CG,914.8 (0.3 West); and Tuolumne Meadows area, 942.5 (Hwy. 120 at campground & trailheads)...

All of the above (& others) are mapped on <http://climber.org/data/BearBoxes/map.html>...
Also, please note that the above is NOT from "Yogis guide", but from a list I made quite a few years ago - if you want
the exact information in her guide, buy it!  ;-)

Hope that answers your query.

Happy trails!!!
Jim (PITA)

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