[pct-l] PCT is closed near Stehekin

tokencivilian at yahoo.com tokencivilian at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 1 23:29:24 CDT 2015

So I was hiking today 20 miles or so to the NW of this fire, near the headwaters of the Stehekin River at a place called Sahale Arm - literally on the Cascade Crest at that point.   I could see the plume clearly from my vantage point at 6,500 feet or so. 

 The smoke plume was thick, brown and vigorously billowing up to around 10k feet before the wind sent it down range to the east. A FB friend on the Columbia reports "chocolate brown clouds raining black ash".  They lost their home in the big Eastern Washington fire last year.

Forecast last I checked showed some precip for mid week.....hope it comes, makes it east of the crest and sticks around for a few days.
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