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Here's the latest Washington PCT fire info.

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Hi Andrea,

Below is some information to pass along to PCT hikers based on our
discussion today.   If other information or a map comes through tomorrow I
will forward that to you.  Thank you for all your help in getting
information out the PCT hikers!

Main points are:

1)      The Wolverine fire went from a small fire to 4,000 acres on
Saturday which closed the PCT detour.  The PCT was closed a week prior by
the Blankenship fire.

2)      The fire grew from 16,000 to 25,000 acres yesterday.

3)      They evacuated 330 people from Holden and the mine remediation
project near there.

4)      The Wolverine, Blankenship and Goode (threatening trail from the
PCT near Stehekin to Cascade Pass to the west)  fires are near each other
and will likely become a fire complex (managed by the same team and may
connect on the ground.

5)      The fire situation in the area continues to deteriorate.

Here is map of the Wolverine and the PCT closure.


I’ve also attached the sign we put at the junction of the Suiattle Trail
and the PCT.    This is the furthest north point to exit the PCT before the
closure.  Suiattle Pass, where the closure begins,  is 11.5 miles further
but there is no point in going there.   It is 7 miles from the Suiattle/PCT
junction to the trailhead.

Once at the Suiattle Trailhead it would be approximately 95 miles to walk
the Suiattle River Road (23 miles), Highway 530 (16 miles),
Cascade-Rockport cutoff to Marblemount and then Highway 20 to Rainy Pass.
  (I will try and get a map of this soon.)  There is no shuttle or public
transportation.  Getting a ride may take some time.  On weekdays there may
not be that much traffic at the Suiattle Trailhead.  There is no cell
service until approximately 26 miles from Suiattle trailhead.  The closest
town with grocery store, Forest Service office and hotel is Darrington, 30
miles from the Suiattle Trailhead.

I hope this helps hikers make an informed choice about continuing north on
the PCT from Stevens Pass.

Please have have folks call the Darrington Ranger Station regarding
Suiattle exit information at 360-436-1155.   For PCT information from
Stehekin call North Cascades National Park at 360-854-7365 xt 14.

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