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Scott Williams baidarker at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 16:11:59 CDT 2015

Oh, I forgot the first part of your question.  On the PCT I did part mail
drop and part shipping to myself from trail and sometimes just resupplying
from a town, or even a good hiker box.  I didn't care what I ate and it was
easy.  On the CDT I'd become much more picky about my food at home and on
the trail and stopped eating all processed foods.  For that hike I dried
all my own meats, tons of veggies and used instant brown rice as a base.  I
made my own yogurt daily from Nido and sprouted beans and seeds and ate
really well overall.  The result was much more energy, meals that held me
till the next meal.  I didn't need to snack.  And at the end of the hike I
could have continued right on into Canada I felt so good.  For the AT, I
did a combination of both.  The proliferation of trail angels and their
meals, got me off the no processed foods and I ate some junk.  It was just
too much fun to pass up.  But the result was a marked decrease in energy
and I was totally beat up at the end of the trail.  Big difference!  But to
be fair, that trail is much harder physically than the PCT or the CDT and I
was a bit older as well, and the weather sucked!!!  So there may be
extenuating circumstances that made it more difficult overall.

My favorite way to go is what I did on the CDT, great food, great energy
(PCT eating tons of junk I lost 35 lbs, on the CDT eating no junk, I lost 6
lbs) and never having to go shopping.

But there are lots of ways to do it.  If you keep walking north, you'll
make it no matter what food or gear you have.  Learn to love walking many
miles, day after day and you can't miss!

Have fun,


On Wed, Aug 5, 2015 at 1:58 PM, Scott Williams <baidarker at gmail.com> wrote:

> That worked fine for many of us.  Get Yogi's guide so you'll know which
> towns have good resupply and which have poor choices and mail your boxes to
> those stops that are only a convenience mart or worse.  The nice thing
> about doing some of it as you go is that whatever food you're becoming
> tired of, you can replace with something new.  Many folks do the entire
> trail simply shipping boxes throughout their hike.   When they get to a
> good resupply stop they ship to the next few towns and then do it all over
> again when they get to another good store.  This does take up much of your
> nero or zero day however, often time you'd rather be relaxing.  But it's
> perfectly doable.
> Have a great hike!
> Shroomer
> On Wed, Aug 5, 2015 at 1:50 PM, Martine, Leah Katherine <lkmartine at bsu.edu
> > wrote:
>> What are people's strategy for resupply strategy for thru hiking? I want
>> to do half mail drop and half resupply as I go.
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