[pct-l] Section hiking in the winter

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November and December may be, but Jan & Feb are the months when we get our rain and snow in So Cal. Even so, they are great months to hike the lower parts of the trail. But you may need support to hop from one low point to another.
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I work all Summer and Fall this year. Last Summer I section hiked the PCT SoBo from near Ashland OR to Whitney Portal. My dream is to keep chipping away at the trail. 

So is it crazy to think about hiking NoBo from Campo to however far I can get in 45 days this coming Jan & Feb? Other ideas? Anyone want to come along?

I'll be 61 yrs old. In decent shape and have backpacked for years though last summer was my first stab at something this big (hiked the JMT in 2010 and lots of trails all over out West). 


Thx, John aka "the Dude", the trail name I was given last summer though it sounds a little pretentious to me :-)

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